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19 August 2004 @ 02:01 am
Heheheheh, this is Laura. This is also Chapin and Rachel Chapin. hYou can post the things I say. That's not fair. You fucker. Heeeheheeeheheheh. Ummmm I'm silly. Seriously I'm gonna have an asthma attack. So now I'm gonna have to listen to Massive Attack and look at Muppet screen caps. When I got drunk Lizzy knew I was drunk because I couldn't spell anti-disestablishmentarianisin. My nose iches. Ya that happens. Cock Mobster. Farrell would be proud. Hehehehehehheehe. I'm not high. She's a liar. I don't lie about me unless I feel like it. You must feel like it then. I love waffles. With chocolate chips! Do you have waffles and do you have chocolate chips. Blah blah blah smoked on church playground, awesome playground. There was an owl in tree right there, we stared at it for a while and stated phrases of disbelief, I'm going to Linda's, but dude I gotta stay with this owl. I'm really liking this owl right now. I go over to Linda's then he comes for a few minutes then leaves, I didn't get in touch with him till way later when I was totally somewhere. Julius goes like damn this needs to be an all-you-can eat fish restaurant and we're like chill out dude it's an IHOP. The waiter said can I get you something else to drink besides alchol and beer. The shit we ordered... scramble eggs with cheese. Can I get mine with cheese as well. Can you cross post this?
Current Mood: high